CRM Solutions

Improve communication, productivity and customer rapport within your business.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is designed to help businesses store details of customer data and interaction. CRM makes running a business much more streamlined and efficient. Giving you access to business information, automating sales, marketing and customer support.  Although CRM is usually used to manage business-customer relationships, it can also be used in the same way to manage clients, business contacts, suppliers and to keep track of contract wins and sales leads. In fact any stakeholder in your organisation can benefit from CRM – it’s about making each and every one of them feel like they have a one to one relationship with you.

Benefits of a CRM system

  • Improved campaign targeting – you can focus your efforts on targeting the right contacts to find the right leads and achieving a lower cost per lead.
  • More focused prospect tracking – see what stage your prospects are at, gather information about product/sales performance and make better informed decisions.
  • Generate reports – with up-to-date information, including revenue forecasting and trend analysis.
  • Customer retention – generate repeat business, cross sell and up sell your products.
  • Business insight – use valuable information gleaned about your existing customers to help find new ones.
Social CRM

More and more businesses are taking advantage of Social CRM which has the potential to unlock value in every customer conversation by using popular networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It makes businesses more accessible, more attractive and helps maintain long term connections. It’s a new way to interact and get closer to customers. By integrating social media activity with CRM, you can capitalise on the power of communication with customers and prospects, building a community and growing strong, rewarding relationships. Social CRM can be a valuable addition to your business by increasing your reach and driving instant engagement with your customers.

Mobile CRM

With competition ever on the increase, more businesses are turning to smart phone applications for their sales team, taking advantage of real time, key customer information, order history, product availability etc.  By connecting through mobile CRM, your sales team can access customer data via a mobile CRM app or web based browser on their smartphone or tablet. This gives your sales team access real time data, whilst they’re working from home or at on site meetings with prospects or customers.

Driving superior customer service levels

CPiO works with many clients seeking to drive superior customer service levels throughout their organisations. To do this, an organisation must have clearly defined goals around what good experience looks and feels like. The fundamental role CRM plays in capturing the information will give your employees the tools they need to deliver on those goals. Find out more about Sage CRM from CPiO.