Sage X3 – How To…


This is the first in a series of blogs by Tim Smith, CPiO's Sage X3 Pre-Sales Consultant. In this series, Tim will share handy tips as well as new functions or little gems that often get missed in Sage X3.

This blog shows how you can filter lists the way you want – adding extra fields to Left Lists.

Sage X3 gives most users the relevant fields they require to filter a Left List out-of-the-box.

If we take the Suppliers function as an example, you have Supplier, Company Name and Short Description available as standard and a user can filter the list by these. Pretty much the basic information you’d expect, right?

However, it’s quite normal for companies to have different requirements, and therefore different fields (be it out-of-the-box, or custom) that hold more relevance and/or importance to how they may wish to search for a record.

The great news is that Sage X3 makes it incredibly easy for you to personalise these Left Lists. Read on to see how!

We’ll stay in the context of the Suppliers function, and I’ll use a custom field called Contract End Date I created.

The first thing you’d need to know is the Field code you’re wishing to add to the Left List. To get this, simply click into the field and go to Right Panel>Diagnosis>Field Information (or use the Function+F6 keyboard shortcut).

Here we can see the Field code is XSUP03.

Armed with that information, we’re ready to amend the Object behind the Supplier function. From your site-map go to Development>Script Dictionary>Objects (or jump directly to function GESAOB using the Fucntion+F7 keyboard shortcut).

Now, I’m not expecting most users to know an Object code, but that’s fine; the out-of-the-box Left List allows you to search by name, so just pop Suppliers into the Description filter and apply. You should find the Object code BPS.


The section we’re interested in is Selection, so click the link and look for the grid under the title Selection Screen. Here you should see some familiar fields; Supplier, Company Name and Short Description.

We could insert the Contract End Date field at the beginning, or in between the existing fields, but we’ll just pop it at the bottom of the list so it will appear as the 4th column in our Left List.

If you’re not sure what the Table code is, don’t worry, just click on the Magnifying Glass in the Field box.

You’ll will be given a list of all the fields available. Simply apply a filter in the Field column or the Normal Text column (field name) and select it.

XSUP03 has now been added to the grid. By default, it will use the short name that was given to the field, but you can override the Description if you wish. Once you’re happy, just click Save and then Validate.

Navigate back to the Suppliers function and you’ll now have the new field available on your Left List.

See; how easy was that?