Your non-profit organisation works to a tight budget, with some employee’s responsibilities spanning multiple areas of the business using basic technology and plenty of manual intervention.

Sound familiar?

Many non-profit finance leaders tell us their key frustrations lie with the limitations of their finance system. Manual finance operations, working across multiple, often incompatible applications and reporting retrospectively from disparate spreadsheets or entry-level software with reports often out of date before they even reach the recipient.

The accuracy of spreadsheets and, disparate systems hampers confidence, restricts progress and limits the success of the organisation. And it’s the people experiencing these issues day in and out – people like you perhaps – who recognise the need for change.

So when you know it’s time for new technology, how do you convince the people around you?

With non-profits arguably being more budget conscious than any other industry, gaining this board-level buy-in can be tough. So how do you prove to your team that what you are suggesting is a good idea, and will make the objectives of the entire organisation easier and more achievable?

It’s time to build an impact case.

A strong impact case (or business case) delivers why, what, how and who of your proposed project – in this instance, the need to move your financial management from disparate and primitive systems to a modern, fit for purpose finance solution.

CPiO can help you prepare a powerful impact case.

Our new Ebook, 7 Practical Steps to Non-Profit Finance Transformation, includes a section on exactly this. We outline the questions you need to ask yourself and the steps you should include in your document to make a compelling case. Download it here for free.

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CPiO is committed to helping non-profit organisations. If you are considering changing your accounting software, contact us – we are here to help.

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