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8 common concerns before hosting

When considering whether to implement your Sage 200, Sage 1000 or Sage ERP X3 in a hosted environment there are many question and concerns.

Concern #1: I am worried about my Internet connection failing

It’s very achievable today to put in 2 diverse ADSL connections for less than £1500 x year with automatic failover. 3G can also act as a failover, so if the primary link does fail there is no loss of connection. CPiO can offer guidance on connectivity so that you make the best choice for your business.

Concern #2: It will be difficult to integrate the applications I still want to run in-house with Sage in a hosted environment

Not the case – quite often the speeds achieved over the Internet (WAN’s) are every bit as good, if not better than LAN’s. Alternatively, the CPiO Cloud model can accommodate in-house applications and add them to our hosting infrastructure. We’ll deliver them back to you from the same environment causing no integration issues.

Concern #3: Change is very disruptive to my business

If it is a migration i.e. keeping the existing CRM/ERP applications then it is a straight migration of the data with no disruption to the end user. The only change will be that they will see an increase in performance. Why not ask us to prove it?

Concern #4: I have security concerns over the web link

Many, many encryption products and applications are used and available to secure access to data. CPiO Cloud builds dedicated environments for each customer with individual security access to give you peace of mind.

Concern #5: I wouldn’t trust a software company to deliver my IT

If the software company is going to be responsible for the implementation of an ERP system to run your business why wouldn’t you also want them to deliver you the best uptime and support service? CPiO excels at hosting Sage applications because we have a dedicated infrastructure team that understands the architecture needed to deliver Sage 200, Sage ERP 1000, Sage ERP X3 and Sage CRM; not considering infrastructure when deploying ERP is like building a house and not considering the foundations. We have many case studies to back up our experience.

Concern #6: We’d lose valuable internal skills within the IT department

CPiO Cloud is designed so that you can let go of the skills that aren’t cost effective and re-deploy IT skills into productive enhancements out of your systems, bespoke work, etc. Leave the fire fighting and basic application support to team of CPiO Cloud experts who can offer economies of scale and 24×7 cover. Then you can use your team in proactive IT projects that deliver new ideas, new service or product lines and drive technological advancement.

Concern #7: We’d not be ‘masters of our own destiny’

Quite the opposite; you’d be free to concentrate on what you do best rather than worrying about running and managing your own IT. CPiO Cloud enables quicker growth and easier changes thus helping a business to become more flexible and agile.

Concern #8: Our systems may run slow due to band width of our connection

This should not be a problem today. CPiO Cloud only requires 30 to 40k bandwidth per user.


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