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Sage X3 Pricing

Helping you budget for a new ERP investment 

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How we price your Sage X3


How much does Sage X3 cost?

When considering Sage X3 as your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, understanding the detail behind pricing becomes crucial.  

Sage X3 isn't one-size-fits-all. It's an adaptable, ERP solution built to empower your business journey. And because your journey is unique, so is your pricing.  

A Sage X3 investment reflects the specific modules and functionality an organisation requires. Whether it’s financial management, supply chain management, human resource and payroll management or advanced manufacturing and distribution modules, pricing flexes with your needs. The cost of a Sage X3 solution can depend on; licencing, implementation, deployment, integration and the level of ongoing support needed.  

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Sage X3 licence cost

Sage X3 pricing is subscription based. The software is based on badges or licence types which control access to various features and functionalities. The badges act like keys, unlocking specific areas of the software for authorised users. The base application licence offers functionality relevant to the core module required by your company. The base application pack licence cost is determined by the licence type selected: 


Finance only



(including finance)



(including finance & distribution)

The subscription-based licencing structure allows organisations to budget and anticipate monthly expenditure while ensuring continuous access to Sage X3 features. With this model, you pay a regular ongoing fee to use the software, which includes maintenance from Sage. This subscription licence model offers flexibility, allowing you to scale your number of users up as needed. 

In addition to the base pack cost, organisations need to budget for how many individual users will be using the software. Then factor in the extra cost for those who will need to oversee these individual users.

Users can hold either an operational licence (determined by the user's role and specific requirements, such as finance, distribution, or manufacturing), transactional licence, mobile automation licence or a full licence. As part of the base pack licence two administrator licences are included. 


Indicative Sage X3 user licencing cost

The cost of your software will depend upon the base licence pack required and the number and type of users accessing the system. Our CPiO experts will work with you to understand and determine the right licence configuration for your organisation’s needs. 



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Example: Sage X3 - 24 user Manufacturing base pack 

Sage X3 offers flexible licensing so you don't have to pay for everyone as a full user. For example if you want 24 people to access the system, it’s doesn't mean that you have to pay for 24 full users.

A common user and cost structure could be broken down as follows, Manufacturing base pack +:  

  • 6 transactional users - price from £192 per year
  • 9 operational users – price from £2,430 per year
  • 9 full users – price from £9,198 per year

These is just an example, our Sage X3 experts will help you find the optimal user license configuration for your organisation's needs. Contact us to discuss your options or get a quote.


How much is Sage X3 implementation? 

Sage X3 offers a wide range of modules and functionality designed to meet specific business requirements, spanning finance, manufacturing, distribution and more. The price of Sage X3 software is influenced by the number and complexity of modules, each potentially incurring separate costs. 

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Projects are typically broken down into phases covering solution scoping, software build, training, testing, and go-live assistance.

Project management time is also included to ensure seamless day-to-day organisation of your implementation and CPiO accountability. Implementation is quoted in days. 

Depending on complexity, a pure finance project could take 40-60 days. When adding in distribution, a typical project could be 60-90 days. Complex manufacturing sites require more days. Your exact price will be subject to discovery.

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Sage X3 integration

Customisations and integrations play a crucial role in tailoring the price of Sage X3 to match an organisation's unique requirements. You may need to integrate your Sage X3 solution with other applications already used in your organisation such as vertical software or a web portal. Extensive customisations or integrations with other systems may incur additional costs. CPiO will scope these requirements and the price will be identified as a separate quotation. 

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What's the cost for ongoing support?

After implementing a Sage X3 solution, CPiO’s accredited hotline support team are on hand and committed to maximising user efficiency. We provide a flexible, high quality range of support related services to our Sage X3 customers, acting as the first point of contact for your software questions. The price for Sage X3 support will be identified as a separate cost.

  • Choosing the right infrastructure

    Whether you choose to host Sage X3 yourself or join thousands of users in the CPiO Cloud, CPiO experts will provide clear pricing on all options for you to make an informed decision. 

    Sage X3 allows flexible deployment choices including:

    • On-premise

      Maintain complete control and security over your data within your own infrastructure.

  • Private Cloud

    Dedicated environment in CPiO Cloud purposely built for your instance of Sage X3.

  • Public Cloud

    A secure but shared environment, Sage Business Cloud is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 



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