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Pemberstone Group invests in Sage X3 with CPiO

Established in 1995, Pemberstone Group has an extensive portfolio of property interests and business investments, ranging from start-ups to long-established companies. Based in Worcestershire, Pemberstone has a renowned reputation for selecting good quality commercial investments which have the potential for added value.

Having used an older, unsupported Sage product for many years, Pemberstone was tired and frustrated with the lack of flexibility that its software offered the business. As the business acquired new strategic partners, it became more apparent that its software was an obstacle, taking up vital time and resource in its management and acting as a barrier to future growth.

Duncan Moore, the recently appointed Finance Director at Pemberstone, has previous experience in sourcing and implementing new software systems, in a variety of business sectors. He felt that the company was being held back by the software’s inability to integrate information across multiple platforms: “We had to rely heavily on human intervention, moving data from our Sage and property management systems to Excel spreadsheets in order to produce business reports. This meant that the business struggled to move forward and develop business information to our advantage”. With no available support for this system from Sage, the problems began to seriously constrain the efficiency of the financial management and reporting of the business and therefore it was time for Pemberstone to move on.

After considering various software systems, Pemberstone chose to implement the next generation solution, Sage X3, for its ability to manage a complex business structure in a straightforward manner. This system is able to meet Pemberstone’s standard requirements, for the reason that it will eliminate the need for Excel spreadsheets and the duplication of effort, and generally will make reporting faster and more accurate. In addition to this, it offers Pemberstone the Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) tool, enabling business information to be accumulated , analysed and disseminated in a dynamic way.

Duncan explains, “Primarily the structure of Sage X3 was most appealing for us. It is able to easily deal with the many different entities within our group. It is user-friendly and intuitive which will allow us to quickly deliver an extensive list of improvements, from preparing and handling transactions efficiently to providing seamless management information on network and mobile platforms”.

With an established partnership already in place, Pemberstone felt that the team at CPiO  was best placed to help them on its journey moving forward. ‘”CPIO is very committed to us and have a proven track record of supporting us with a timely and relevant service. They are an experienced, down to earth team who I believe will guide us through our software implementation and beyond”.



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