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Earn up to £1000 by referring another business to CPiO

If you like what we do, why not refer a contact and earn rewards.


Refer another business

Clients have told us how CPiO has helped them to successfully adopt new technology. From implementing and supporting Sage software to embracing the cloud, CPiO helps organisations to modernise their operations.

If we've helped your organisation you could be rewarded for connecting us to another business. Maybe you have a contact within your supply chain or an ex colleague that is in need of similar support and would benefit from working with CPiO.

Make a connection and we will reward you. 

Here's how it works

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As a current CPiO client you should complete the referral form so that we can connect with your referral contact.

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We’ll reach out to your contact mentioning your name, to start a light-touch conversation

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If they complete a discovery call with us, we’ll send you a £25 Amazon voucher as a thank you. We’ll even send your contact a voucher for a free coffee and cake on us as a thank you for meeting with us

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When your referral contact becomes a CPiO customer and goes live on a project we’ll send you a voucher of up to £1000*


Want to talk something through with our team?

Reach out to our Customer Manager who can talk you through this referral programme and answer any questions you may have.