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Drive Peak Performance with Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance


Boost your manufacturing with a proactive approach to equipment care

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Preventive Maintenance

What is Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance?

Designed for small and medium-sized manufacturers, Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance is an all-in-one solution for real-time asset management which reduces downtime, extends the life of your equipment and maximises productivity.

Unlike other solutions, Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance:

Calculates optimal service intervals to minimise disruptions.
Ensures compliance with health and safety regulations.
Reduces workplace injuries by keeping equipment in top condition.
Is an add-on built specifically for Sage X3, leveraging its core functions for a smooth user experience.

Watch a quick overview of Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance

This add-on is providing a solution to meet the preventive maintenance needs of physical assets purchased within an organisation. Click the button to watch the detailed video.


Understanding Preventive Maintenance

Both process and discrete manufacturers need a system to:
maintain equipment-2

Manage and maintain equipment 

schedule maintenance-1

Schedule maintenance around production


Track materials and labour used  

Some examples of preventive maintenance tasks are regular cleaning and lubrication, calibration, part replacement and equipment repairs, to name but a few.

Sage X3 Preventative Maintenance module can handle a range of options to give you the greatest flexibility in your business including:



Schedules maintenance based on equipment usage and environmental factors.


Calendar Time-Based

Schedules maintenance at pre-defined intervals.


Predictive Maintenenace

Identifies potential issues before failures occur.

predictive (2)

Prescriptive Maintenance

Not only predicts failures, but also diagnoses the root cause.

maintenance (2)
Sage x3 preventive brochure image (1)



Invest in proactive equipment care and unlock the full potential of your manufacturing with Sage X3 Preventive Maintenance. As Sage X3 specialists in the UK, CPiO can help you to optimise your performance.

To find out more you can view the product brochure, or contact CPiO.  



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