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Cloud computing

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Cloud Computing

Cloud isn’t an ‘either- or’ strategy. Cloud is all about flexibility and using technology to get the results you need for your business.

At CPiO we listen to you to determine what is important to your business, your preferences, your challenges and your goals. This helps us build a picture of how technology could enhance your business. We offer advice based on what you want your business to look and feel like, not on what is trending.

Those clients who have already chosen to move into the cloud often cited the lack of dedicated IT resource on their site, the need for greater resiliency and the spiralling costs of technology as why they made the leap. But there are so many other considerations when looking into the cloud.

There is no doubt that maintaining an IT strategy will be costing you a significant amount of money. Perhaps you have an in-house team that you would like to see be more proactive, a sub-contract resource that doesn’t offer you the control that you need or you are juggling IT responsibilities with your day job. Cloud has a low ownership cost and will provide your business with the confidence that your software solution is reliable and will deliver time and time again. The seemingly continuous upgrading and updating of systems to keep you competitive can be exhausting and costly and often occurs at a time when a business doesn’t needs to invest.

By failing to stay up to date with technology, software or essential maintenance, your organisation is also opening itself up to greater risk. Not only are security issues a genuine concern, but experience tells us that many companies underestimate what it would take to get their systems back online, should disaster strike.

CPiO took the leap into cloud technology nearly ten years ago, ahead of many of our competitors as we saw the massive benefit this could bring to the SME market place. With many customers now choosing to put some or all of their business into the cloud, we have extensive knowledge of the integration needed to run different types of businesses and how to offer maximum flexibility.

CPiO Cloud Services can release you from the maintenance of IT and help you develop a proactive technology strategy that actually underpins what you do best – running a successful organisation.

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