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Apprenticeships at CPiO

Apprenticeships at CPiO
What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is where an individual benefits from paid employment alongside learning in an educational institution usually a college, university, or training provider to gain a formally recognised qualification. It is a statutory requirement for an apprentice to spend at least 20% of their time in a classroom whilst completing the apprenticeship as well as being employed by an organisation.

CPiO has employed many apprentices across all departments for many years, developing its experience and knowledge in employing, mentoring and retaining apprentices. As a team dedicated to supporting the national apprenticeship scheme, we have trained and provided hands-on experience to a number of individuals, many of whom have continued their journey at CPiO as permanent employees. From training on Microsoft 365 to Sage X3 or the latest solution, Sage Intacct, CPiO has invested in apprenticeships to support its continued growth.

The benefits to CPiO of hiring an apprentice

CPiO’s Human Resources Manager, Danielle Piotet, explains the benefits to CPiO of hiring an apprentice and what they can bring to the organisation.

“An apprentice brings fresh talent to CPiO which closes the skills gap. Usually, the apprentice will be studying at an educational institution as well as being employed at CPiO. They will be learning new skills within the educational institution which they can then bring to our organisation so we are able to benefit from a wealth of new and up-to-date skills.

Hiring an apprentice is beneficial for long-term succession planning. As CPiO employees a diverse workforce, naturally over the years, some of our employees will leave or retire from our organisation. Often, apprentices are trained by current employees and therefore processes and knowledge are passed on. If any current employee then leaves, the apprentice is able to fill the job vacancy and use what they have been taught to be successful within the role.”

The benefits that CPiO will provide to an apprentice

Danielle also explains the benefits that CPiO offers to an apprentice.

“CPiO will provide an apprentice with valuable on-the-job experience which will allow them to learn useful skills from experienced employees. The experience that an apprentice can gain from CPiO will allow them to begin their professional career quickly, develop soft and hard skills and allow an apprentice to discover favored job tasks that will assist them in their further career. CPiO also ensures the apprentice has continuous support through a mentor and a line manager to provide any assistance or to answer any queries they may have whilst completing the apprenticeship.

Once an apprentice joins CPiO, if they enjoy their role and we deem them a good fit for our organisation, we work really hard to keep them on after their apprenticeship ends. This ensures that we get to keep an individual who we have trained through courses and knowledge share within our business and the apprentice benefits from becoming employed within an organisation that they’re familiar with, have built relationships in, and hopefully where they envision a fulfilling career.”

Max Garbett, a Support Consultant at CPiO, began his journey as a Technical Support Apprentice in 2019. Max’s Support apprenticeship lasted for 18 months during which he was responsible for completing tasks such as logging support tickets, taking phone calls, and assisting customers with minor issues e.g. login failures. Once Max had completed the necessary exams and portfolios, he was offered a permanent role where he is now an integral member of CPiO’s Support team.

Nowadays, Max has a lot more responsibility within the Support team. Max updates internal systems, completes patch upgrades, and is currently studying for specific exams including Microsoft 365 and 3CX that will benefit himself and the wider business.

Former apprentice Max, reflects on his journey

Max reflects on the benefits that the Technical Support Apprenticeship provided him.

“The main and most important benefit of completing the Technical Support Apprenticeship was the actual real-world experience that it provided. What I was learning at college I was able to apply to the job role too which really helped me to learn quicker; I was able to see the theory that I had learned at college in action within CPiO and I could see where my role fitted into my Support team.

I also found I was able to build up a support network which really has benefitted me. As I was working within the Support team, I had a mentor and also a line manager, I was able to build long-lasting work relationships that I still have now. People have invested in my future and I can see that they really care.

I found that the apprenticeship has brought me out of my shell and improved my communication skills greatly. Prior to the apprenticeship, I had minimal working experience. My role has been a customer-facing service role and I have felt my confidence grow. And now I really value teamwork. I get to assist with solving problems, closing tickets, and using each individual’s strengths to complete tasks”.

Work experience

CPiO also offers work experience to students studying at GCSE or A-level (and equivalent) grades. Work experience students can come into the office for a few weeks where they will be provided with a work computer and gain experience rotating around all of the departments at CPiO. This gives students an insight into the organisation and the daily routine of an office – something that many of them have never experienced before.

Find out more about apprenticeships

CPiO always welcomes new talent, to find out more about current vacancies, visit our build a career page here.

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