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CPiO Cloud FAQs

General FAQs

What if my internet connection fails?

Check what options are available if you regularly encounter delays in loading web-based applications. There are many ways CPiO can provide network connectivity between your office and the Data Centre. Typically this falls into two categories; direct connection or via the Internet.  We can propose a solution for Internet connectivity and infrastructure at your own site to ensure appropriate access to your hosted solution.

Where is my data stored?

Ideally, your data should be stored in a safe, remote part of the country away from your own location, so it’s not subject to the same regional risks. CPiO Professional is delivered from our hosted site within the NGD Data Facility in Newport, South Wales where careful attention has been paid to location and access.

How do I know my data is secure?

A Tier 3+ data centre offers the highest level of security that a UK centre will allow. CPiO’s Tier 3+ Data Centre has extensive CCTV coverage and onsite security staff. Energy efficient ‘dry coolers’ are used within the building to run the servers at their optimal temperature.  To prevent the risk of fire, building-wide multi-zone fire detection systems have been installed to make sure any risk to your data is negligible.The site is connected directly to the Super grid via diverse connections and its own dedicated substation; each system is backed up through independent battery UPS and generators.

Can I still operate applications in house that integrate with Sage in the cloud?

Yes. CPiO Cloud is a flexible platform that can operate as a fully managed service covering your total application stack through to the hosting of a specific application. And everything in between. CPiO Cloud Gen2 experts can work with you to deliver an environment that works for your business. We currently have many customers with hybrid solutions that sit both in the cloud and in more traditional, on-premise environments.

How much disruption will there be to my business when moving into the cloud?

Disruption can be mitigated through good planning. Our team of experts work very closely with your team to create a detailed plan pf migration into CPiO Cloud to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum. Take a look at a recent case study from longstanding CPiO customer Moore Large to hear more on the experience of moving to the CPiO Cloud.

Can I trust a software support company to manage my IT?

If the software company is going to be responsible for the implementation of an ERP system to run your business why wouldn’t you also want them to deliver you the best uptime and support service? CPiO excels at hosting Sage applications because we have a dedicated infrastructure team that understands the architecture needed to deliver Sage200, Sage1000, Sage X3 and Sage CRM; not considering infrastructure when deploying ERP is like building a house and not considering the foundations. We have many case studies to back up our experience.

What happens to my in house IT resource?

It’s a common concern; is an existing team now going to be redundant? It’s true that the role of the internal engineer may well change. CPiO Cloud takes away the mundane, Business As Usual (BAU) tasks that can drain resource and stifle creativity, whilst guaranteeing you superior performance and security. Our customers report that their own internal IT resource has become free to help on strategic projects designed to help hit corporate goals.


Existing CPiO FAQs

When will I be able to take advantage of CPiO Cloud Gen2?

CPiO Cloud Generation 2 is here. The CPiO Cloud team is ready to begin migrating existing customers over. You will be contacted shortly to discuss the detail of your migration and to agree a suitable date for the transfer to happen. The first phase is to move the physical environment, shortly followed by migrating your individual company environment.

Will there be a cost associated to migrating?

There is no cost to migrating to Gen2. This platform has been designed to naturally be the next step for all existing CPiO Cloud customers.

Will the migration result in any down time?

Inevitably there will be some downtime for your organisation. However, this will be organised during out of hours to minimise the impact to you. A member of the team will call you to discuss the finite detail and agree when would be the best time to complete this activity.

What changes will I see when I migrate?

This migration has two distinct phases, each with its own tangible benefits. However, we plan to migrate you to a platform that will, by close of this project, offer you up to x5 faster disk performance and up to 60x faster network performance as well as improved security and resilience. Ultimately, end users will have a faster, more responsive user experience.

What resource needs to be allocated from within my own company?

Prior to the migration to Cloud Gen2 taking place CPiO will contact you no less that ten days beforehand to advise you that the migration has been scheduled.  This initial conversation will be to agree to the proposed shutdown and start up times for the migration process which will involve downtime from the system. During the migration process (which will be performed out of hours and/or over a weekend) you will need to have resource on standby to assist with any issues that may arise, with your contact available via phone to keep you updated and to let you know when you can test. Once the migration has been completed onto Cloud Gen2 you will need to perform testing across all applications to make sure they are working as required.  Should any issues arise there will need to be liaison with CPiO to resolve and further test. When the migration has been completed and all users login for the first time you will need to ensure users can access the system.

Will this affect the price I currently pay for my hosting?

The price for your hosting will be unaffected. This is a like for like move of your current provision to a leading-edge environment. CPiO Cloud Gen2 will offer new services that you may wish to take advantage of in the future and these services will be discussed with you at the most appropriate time.

Can I change the date that we migrate?

As you can appreciate, there are many CPiO Cloud clients to migrate across and the team is working to a project plan. The date of your specific migration will be discussed well in advance with you to ensure that they are suitable. If CPiO needs to change the target migration date you will be notified as soon as possible. We ask that should you need to change the date of your migration that you provide us with as much notice as possible.

Where will my data now be stored?

CPiO has now moved to a state of the art data centre in Newport, Wales from NGD. NGD is the biggest data centre in Europe at 750,000 square feet within in a 50 acre campus. Its private connection to the power Super Grid via an onsite substation supported by highly resilient generators and UPS, has to date enabled NGD to deliver 100% uptime. No other European Data Centre has this kind of power. So confident in its power supply resiliency, NGD performs a bi-annual ‘black building test’ whereby incoming power to the data hall is isolated to prove the critical infrastructure resilience. It is currently home to some of the world’s greatest companies such as BT, IBM and a major global public cloud provider. And now, CPiO Cloud.







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