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How distributors are modernising to overcome a range of challenges

How distributors are modernising to overcome a range of challenges

A research report by The IDC, sponsored by Sage found that the current climate poses colossal challenges for distribution companies around the world and an uncertain future. 

Key findings have highlighted that the most common issues that distributors face are;
• external forces that include recent global events (81%),
• supply chain disruptions (75%)
• and rising costs and margin erosion (75%).

With the pandemic, cyberattacks and regional tariffs – to name just a few events, distribution companies face huge challenges.

However, digital infrastructure, platforms and tools are playing a considerable part in equipping them to cope with current and future change. And business cloud applications, such as ERP, CRM and BI, enhanced with emerging technologies like AI, ML, data analytics, IoT and RPA, are helping companies to reimagine and modernise their operations.

statics showing a pie chart and stats as percentages

Furthermore, the IDG – Sage global report uncovers how how distributors are:  

  • evaluating and implementing current and emerging technologies (to improve customer service and experience) 
  • how organisations are leveraging data to deliver value, 
  • rapidly advancing their circular economy transformation,  
  • taking advantage of servitisation and The Green Agenda 

CPiO can help your Distribution and digital transformation journey.

We can help you combine these digital transformations to help your supply chain become more agile. Furthermore, CPiO experts can support your business with; increased automation, data-driven e-commerce and business processes, circular economy practices and better cost management.

Contact our expert Sage 200 Professional and Sage X3 team to discuss this further.

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