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Sage 200 Manufacturing vs Cim200: a comparative overview

Sage 200 Manufacturing vs Cim200: a comparative overview

Cim200 came from the Sage 200 Manufacturing solution, in 2019 CIM took the decision to build their solution and then later Sage decided that their Manufacturing elements would be withdrawn. CPiO partners with Cim200 who released their Manufacturing module in November 2021 and with Sage 200 Manufacturing in Extended Support, here's a summary of why you should consider switching to Cim200. Read on to uncover both offerings and how seamless it is to migrate over to Cim200 with the help of CPiO, manufacturing specialists. 


Comparing modules

Stock control

The stock module has been enhanced within Cim200 Manufacturing, but only partially enhanced within certain features of Sage 200 Manufacturing.

Advantages of using Cim200 manufacturing: 

  • Track and maintain the items you buy in, assemble, manufacture, and sell on Cim200 Manufacturing to integrate seamlessly with Sage 200 Stock Control using a similar interface.
  • You can manage detailed stock profiles easily, as well as use the rapid entry stock movements screen, which allows you to make quick and easy stock movements.
  • Changes to stock items are fully auditable. For MRP, recommendations are included for raised orders, you can choose any warehouse as well as historical data and you can also view a graphical representation.
  • Cim200 has the capability for stock item alerts and an audit log for any changes. You can also utilise customer part numbers. 
Compared to Sage 200 Manufacturing, there are only partial functionality enhancements within; Bulk Issue, Stock History, Analysis Codes, and Traceability Enquiry features. Warehouse hierarchy and priority have also been introduced within CIM200, which Sage 200 Manufacturing doesn't offer.
See the comparison features PDF, which explains in further detail. 

Bill Of Materials

There are various enhancements within the Bill of Materials features in CIM200:

  • Improve your manufacturing build process and production efficiency.
  • Ideal for food, chemicals, and all ingredient-based manufacturers, Cim200 percentage BOM functionality can improve production accuracy.
  • Kit BOM capability gives assembly environments greater control over kitting and despatch processes.

Sage 200 Manufacturing doesn't offer any enhancements to the Bill Of Materials features. 


What's new in Cim200? Sage 200 Commercials has been enhanced to take advantage of new Cim200 features. Further enhancements can be seen in: 

  • the stock profile screen, when creating or amending sales or purchase order item lines or using the supplier part number when raising a new purchase order item line. Linked works orders can be viewed, simply from within the sales or purchase order item line.
  • Other features have been included to further improve the ordering routine, including quick text, courier details, and better scheduling of sales orders, along with the option to allocate to works orders on purchase order receipts.

In comparison, Sage 200 Manufacturing only offers partial functionality enhancements; These can be seen in Sales Order Processing, Despatch, Linked WOs, Purchase Order Processing, and Linked Orders.

What are the differences that will benefit my business? Head to the comparison features PDF to learn more. 

Works Orders

A brand new Cim200 module where you can take control of all the items that are currently in production. As well as to improve control of all the items that are currently being manufactured, monitoring sub-assemblies for other bill of materials or finished items to be despatched on sales orders to fulfil your customer demand.

Powerful enquiry screens and documents provide your production staff with complete visibility to track each process effortlessly. Production managers can utilise Cim200 capacity planning functionality to ensure there is sufficient capacity to satisfy demand.

Sage 200 Manufacturing only offers partial functionality enhancements within the; Works Orders module, Capacity Planning, Sales Order Links, and Component & Operation Details. Looking for more information on what's new in Cim200 over Sage 200 Manufacturing specifically to Works Orders, view the comparison features PDF


Build loyal customers through great fulfilment and service. Cim200 reads the demands of all modules, whether it be customer demand via a sales order, shop floor demand from a works order, maintaining stock levels through ‘make for stock’, or even demand from a sales forecast in the future. One control screen details all the finished goods and components that are needed to fulfil the demand, giving the user full flexibility to choose the most appropriate supplier or amend the build or purchase quantities to suit.

In Sage 200 Manufacturing, MRP will suggest all components and subassemblies are bought and made for the start of the works order. MRP in CIM200 is more advanced in that it schedules start and end dates at the operation level. Therefore, when components are linked to operations on the BOM MRP will suggest the components are purchased and made in time for the start of the operation. 

Graphical Scheduler

Helping you to visualise your production plan, the Graphical Scheduler is integrated with Cim200 Manufacturing. Allowing you to control your shopfloor workload with our intuitive and easy-to-use interface

  • Group your resources and schedule production based on the capacity and availability of labour resources, machine resources or both.
  • Quickly see shopfloor workload and take control of your production plan to improve your manufacturing efficiency.
  • Predict and resolve future resource conflicts and overloads to optimise the production plan to meet customer demands.

Sage 200 Manufacturing does not offer this module. In Cim200, the Scheduler is included as standard for customers onboarding from v2024 onwards but can also be added to existing Cim200 solutions.

Additional benefits of Cim200: 

Time-saving efficiency 

Cim200 has reduced the number of clicks to perform tasks with more information at your fingertips, all helping to improve the customer experience. Therefore, reducing the need for double entry. 


The software is familiar to customers who currently use Sage 200 Manufacturing. Maintaining the functionality was key to ensuring that limited training was required. Therefore if you are migrating from Sage 50 to Sage 200 it will be very straightforward, with training costs to a minimum. 

Straightforward upgrade path

Cim200 has introduced a migration tool for seamless integration from Sage 200 Manufacturing. Watch the CPiO CIM200 video to see the complimentary software in action. 

Seamless integration 

CIM Software has collaborated with Datalinx Computer Systems to deliver a versatile shop floor Data Capture system. Add-Ons for bespoke integration with Draycir, market-leading document capture technology in the Cim200 Works Order module. 

Contact CPiO to find out more about adding Cim200 to your Sage 200 solution. View the Cim200 Manufacturing page to see how this add-on may suit your business needs. 



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