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How to reduce field service costs?

How to reduce field service costs?

If you want to reduce costs in field service management, you need to improve your customer experience. Customers are reliant on your field service technicians to fix problems that are causing them inconvenience or even downtime. They demand fast lead times, great communication and knowledgeable engineers at the right time and in the right place.

Planning and monitoring the work of your technicians can be highly complex. They may carry out several scheduled jobs a day in different locations, as well as responding to client emergencies. Service dispatchers have the difficult task of scheduling, balancing workloads, and prioritising jobs. Jobs need to be assigned to technicians with the right skillset in suitable locations to minimise travel. 

Resource optimisation is a critical part of keeping costs down. Customers who interact with your customer service desk are looking for high levels of responsiveness. They want timely technicians to provide support, offer good parts availability and clear pricing. Field service management software is essential to deal with these complexities and to minimise costs. 

Businesses with a field service management solution in place improve their technicians’ work time by 33%  
(Aberdeen Service Management Capabilities propel the best-in-class advantage, 2017) 

Field service management software

There are various advantages for businesses using field service management software. Job schedules can be optimised across technicians to save time and money. They can respond quickly to urgent service calls. Work orders can be managed more efficiently. Your operations team can track the status, view the history and generate reports on work orders. 

Businesses can gain real-time visibility into their field service operations. You can see where your technicians are, what they are working on, and when they are expected to finish. This helps you to manage your resources, ensuring customer requests are handled promptly. 

Costly and onerous tasks can be minimised, such as morning and evening branch calls to drop off paperwork. Trips to warehouses for parts during the working day can be cut down.  

Your field technicians can easily access schedules and service history to improve planning and avoid costly mistakes. By giving technicians access to stock records, schedules and customer contracts, you can improve emergency call outcomes. They can act as an extension of your sales team, responding to customer enquiries on-site. Invoicing can be expedited more quickly to support and improve cash flow.  

Field service management software can help you differentiate your business from your competitors and increase customer satisfaction. When your field service technicians supply excellent customer experiences, they will feel a sense of reward and pride in their work. This sense of accomplishment leads to higher employee morale and retention.

Schedule and dispatch technicians more efficiently 

Sage X3 field service scheduling software 

Connect the dots between your operations and tighter cost control. Consider the integration of a modern enterprise software solution with field service management software.

Praxedo is a specialist field service management solution for Sage X3, which is trusted by thousands of users worldwide. Companies can reduce their costs and increase operational efficiency through field service scheduling software. This is an ideal solution for large, complex organisations looking to improve the productivity of their field technicians.  

Find out more about the features and benefits of Sage X3 for field service management here. 


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