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Sage X3 vs Sage Intacct

Sage X3 vs Sage Intacct

You may be considering moving from a current software system and have heard of Sage X3 and Sage Intacct and are wondering what are the differences?

In this article, we explore some of the main differences between the two software products and give readers “food for thought” and ideas for selecting the best product to meet organisational needs.

Comparing and contrasting – Sage X3 vs Sage Intacct

When comparing Sage X3 and Sage Intacct, it is like comparing “apples and oranges” – in the sense that both are great, but both are quite different!

Sage X3 is an enterprise-wide application (ERP) whereas Sage Intacct is a best of breed product in the accounting, financial and business management areas of an organisation. However, let’s go into further detail as it’s most important to drill down to who the software is for.


“Sage X3 is an extraordinarily successful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution from Sage. View What is Sage X3 to find out more.

In fact, Sage markets X3 as “More than ERP” as “it provides a faster, much more intuitive, and easy to tailor business management solution than conventional ERP’s.”

“Sage Intacct is a cloud-based accounting, financial and business management software suite of solutions that is aimed at medium, large and global organisations.”. Visit What is Sage Intacct to learn more.

What is the size of your organisation?

Sage Intacct targets small to medium-sized organisations (SME’s) with often between 50 and 1,000 employees. The costs are frequently prohibitive for very small organisations, whereas the functionality may not be broad enough on its own for larger organisations, albeit functionality can be extended through integration (e.g., Salesforce for CRM).

Sage X3 works in a similar market space, but more typically targets medium, large, and global organisations. Implementation costs often rule out smaller organisations. X3 implementations will comfortably manage systems with 200 to 10,000+ employees. As Sage X3 is aimed at the entire enterprise it naturally tends to attract larger sized organisations with richer functional needs.

Industry Strengths

As software progresses, industrial strengths can often arise. The relative strengths of the two products are:
Sage Intacct – financial services, healthcare, not for profit, professional services, software and SaaS – although there are many other industries too.
Sage X3– Sage cites the following industry verticals as strengths of the application – chemicals, distribution (retail trade, wholesale), food & beverage, manufacturing (high tech, industrial, medical, and metal fabrication) and services (advertising, consulting, engineering)

Both products cover a broad range of industries.

Functional gaps – Sage Intacct compared to Sage X3

According to analysis from Capterra, the main functional gaps between the two products are that Sage Intacct does not include (within the core product) distribution management, enterprise asset management, HR management and supply chain management.

Both products operate from an implementation core with add-ons and extensions being available from Sage, the Sage marketplace, and partners. All these gaps identified by Capterra can be eliminated by extending the solution with add-ons.

Deployment options – on-premise vs cloud-based infrastructure

Sage Intacct deployment
Sage Intacct is and always has been a cloud-based only SaaS application. There is no option with Sage Intacct for an on-premise version. Organisations will use the product via the internet and have access 24/7 from multiple devices. Upgrades are applied automatically four times per year.

Sage X3 deployment
With Sage X3 you can choose your run your solution in the cloud, either in your own data centre or through CPiO.

There are many factors to consider and you have the flexibility to choose the service offering that works for your organisation. You can migrate to the Cloud and change your Sage X3 deployment model as your business changes, and this is where the services of an experienced Sage Consultant is needed.

Speak to CPiO experts to see Sage X3 and/ or Sage Intacct in action to discover the full range of benefits and capabilities for yourself. 

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