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The top three gripes from the SME Financial Director

At CPiO we get to meet numerous Finance Heads whether it be through our work in Sage 200 or Sage X3 and invariably, each FD suffers with the same three common issues – particularly in those sites that are seeing growth or have some ambitious plans to expand over the next few months.

Can you identify with this particular chestnut? Does it feel good to know you’re not alone, and even better, there is an answer?

My nominal ledger is too rigid for the business…

Yes, we get that. What worked for you a few years ago is now the thing that is holding you back. Sage 200 users get to define their nominal ledger structure at implementation stage and we advise sites to think ahead and design based on current and future needs. The nominal ledger can be set up to meet the individual needs of each entity with unique account codes and analysis structures. Sage 200 can also offer extra support through cost center analysis giving you a mini profit & loss breakdown for each. With easy drill down across the system you can get deep into the data when you need to and all information can be consolidated to give you an overview of your entire business.

Our system struggles with trading in multiple currencies…

Sage 200 manages multiple companies across multiple sites giving you a hassle free way to trade in multiple currencies. It comes as multi-currency as standard and deals with all exchange rates and revaluations as well as producing foreign currency invoices, statements, receipts and payments. Handy for that “overseas” ambition.

My management reports take way too long to produce each month…

Probably THE most common issue we hear  – hugely frustrating, labour intensive, fraught with risk when error-laden Excel spread sheets  are involved…you will identify, I’m sure.

Sage 200 comes with 25 out of the box intelligence reports as standard to enable you to drill, slice and sort data within the system. Ad hoc reports are also easy to create on the fly using BI user-defined reports and you can set up your reporting pack once and then refresh at your leisure. In fact many of our Sage 200 clients tell us that reporting out of Sage 200 now takes them 50% of the time that their previous system did. What could you do with that free time?

*Please note, Sage 200 has now been rebranded as Sage 200cloud (January 2018)

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