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Visibility and Traceability in the Digital Age

Visibility and Traceability in the Digital Age

Business leaders expect supply chains to operate on time and in a complex environment. And manufacturing leaders that understand what’s happening in the business have a distinct advantage.

Manufacturers need to have visibility that allows them to avoid disruption and this comes with access to information—not just in terms of data, but also insights into systems and processes so they can use technology for greater visibility whilst remaining agile and responsive in today’s business environment.

So what are the challenges that a manufacturer could face with disruption? This could be shipment, supplier, product quality or customs issues, or those forced by regulator or pricing pressures.

How can visibility help you as a manufacturer?

In a recent research report by Sage, managing growth and keeping costs down were found to be the two top priorities for manufacturers. However, the research also indicated that manufacturers feel greater visibility into their data is essential.

Download the eBook today to find out:

• Why traceability is vital and what data capabilities traceability can provide.
• How traceability improves management, efficiency and compliance.
• How visibility can help manufacturers manage disruption and quality.
• Why manufacturers should embrace industry 4.0.
• How a business management solution can support traceability.

Why Sage X3?

Sage X3 offers manufacturers a comprehensive, real-time solution delivering accurate, up-to-date data that identifies and mitigates the consequences of product recalls and other supply chain issues.

As well as being able to rapidly implement and comply with new regulatory requirements, a manufacturer can also run insightful reports.

Using a single source of centralised data can help with visibility, as it shows information from the entire distribution chain.

Contact CPiO

Sage X3 from product experts, CPiO can help manufacturers identify the root cause of product defects and the extent of supply chain contamination as quickly as possible while allowing you to maintain and execute crisis management plans.

Find out more about Sage X3 via the product brochure and contact CPiO today to book your demo.


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