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Celebrating 25 Years of Dedication and Excellence

Celebrating 25 Years of Dedication and Excellence

This week, CPiO proudly celebrates a remarkable milestone as Sage 1000 Software Consultant, Ray Distin reaches the monumental 25-year mark of dedicated service to the company. 

In an industry where rapid technological advancements often render skills obsolete, Ray Distin's 25-year tenure at CPiO stands as a testament to his extraordinary adaptability and unwavering commitment to staying relevant. Over the last 25 years, Ray has become an integral part of the CPiO's fabric, influencing its trajectory and contributing to its success in multiple ways.  

We interviewed Ray about his 25-year milestone to reflect on some of his achievements and gain some valuable insight into his career at CPiO. Here is what Ray had to say. 


What is your biggest accomplishment at CPiO?

This may sound strange to many, but my biggest accomplishment is that I have managed to stay relevant for 25 years. Over the past quarter-century, I have navigated the ever-evolving landscape of IT and learned to adapt to the latest technologies and programming environments. I am grateful for the continuous learning opportunities. 


How do you feel CPiO has helped you with your development?

CPiO has a very strong culture of support and collaboration and encourages the team here to immerse themselves in a range of learning opportunities. I’ve been here for 25 years and have been exposed to lots of new technologies that has expanded my knowledge, regular training, and an immense amount of advice and support from colleagues.


What is your favourite thing about working for CPiO?

Beyond the technical aspects of my work, my favourite thing about working at CPiO is the relationships I have developed with colleagues and customers. I am proud to be part of an organisation that puts value on creating a supportive and collaborative environment – everyone is so willing to share their knowledge and expertise, and this filters down to the relationship and rapport that I have built with our customers.  


What advice would you give to give to someone starting their career at CPiO ?

Joining CPiO marks the beginning of an exciting and rewarding professional journey. My advice to newcomers is to fully embrace and immerse yourself in CPiO’s culture, embrace active learning, cultivate strong relationships, be professional and most importantly remember you are part of a team.   

For those new to the tech industry, I would say get a good solid foundation in IT and learn as much as possible. 


What’s next for your development path?

As a seasoned Sage 1000 Consultant, and now with the product life coming to an end, I am transitioning my skills to Sage X3 in order to support our clients who are migrating away from Sage 1000. CPiO has fostered a culture of innovation and built a string development hub focused on getting more from Sage products. I am keen to broaden my skills within this team.  


“Ray’s ability to keep pace with change has been a cornerstone of his success at CPiO, allowing him to deliver exceptional solutions to clients while consistently refining his skills and expertise. As Ray embarks on the next chapter of his career, we can be confident that his adaptability and expertise will continue to be invaluable assets to CPiO and our customers. Congratulations on 25 years at CPiO Ray, we are so proud that you are a part of the CPiO team.”

Andrew Watkinson, Managing Director at CPiO 


If you are interested in joining the CPiO team, visit our  career page to view our current vacancies. 


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