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Brummies’ optimistic about city’s future

A recent survey by Copper Consultancy of around 1,000 people in Birmingham has revealed that nearly 75% of people are optimistic about the city’s future. Though the community feels like more effort should be made in order to make it feel like it’s part of the city’s developments and changing landscape. There is a lot …

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Sage Enterprise Management Re-branding

UK software giant, Sage, has announced that it will be re-branding its flagship ERP solution from 1st October 2019. Sage Enterprise Management will be known as Sage X3, returning to the familiar brand name that it held up until the 18th April, 2018. After feedback from customers and partners, Sage has identified that the name …

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Big Data, CPiO & You—A Strong Team For Sustained Growth

As anyone with responsibility for growing their organisation knows, Big Data—the processing of massive amounts of data to uncover patterns, trends and insights—has been making a lot of Big Promises over the last few years. Peter Sondergaard, an executive vice president at data strategists Gartner, called it back in 2012, when he said “Information is …

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The Role of Security in Digital Transformation

As 85% of Financial Officers view security issues relating to digital transformation as having a large effect on their companies, and 55% of businesses already experiencing a cyber attack in 2019, it is more important than ever to ensure you have sufficient security measures in place. Why Security is important within Digital Transformation Expanded Attack …

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Sage X3 – How To…

This blog shows how you can filter lists the way you want – adding extra fields to Left Lists. Sage X3 gives most users the relevant fields they require to filter a Left List out-of-the-box. If we take the Suppliers function as an example, you have Supplier, Company Name and Short Description available as standard …

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Sage 200cloud Professional Roadmap

Committed to improving its products to ensure users get the best from their investment, Sage’s roadmaps offer an insight into the updates that have been made and the changes that are coming. Take a look at the Sage 200cloud Professional Roadmap

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