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Sage 200 Power BI from CPiO


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Sage 200 Power BI from CPiO


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Optimise insights and reporting efficiency with Sage 200 Power BI 


Tailored exclusively for Sage 200 Professional customers, the Sage 200 Power BI reporting pack from CPiO, delivers five dynamic and personalised dashboards across Finance, Commercials and Stock. These include; Sales Analysis, Stock Management, Purchase Analysis, Creditor Analysis and Debtor Analysis. It offers seamless excel integration, where you can access the reports from any device and share your findings with others in your company. This is real time data that can help you improve your Sage 200 reporting, as well as uncover critical business insights and make better-informed business decisions this is the tool for you. Easy to set up and use, your Sage 200 users can quickly spot trends and drill into detail. Simple, monthly pricing gives you the flexibility you need in your business.



Sales Analysis

A powerful dashboard that provides you with customer insights and sales performance.

  • Measure important sales metrics through real-time reports including revenue, margins and product performance.
  • Identify trends, best-selling products and track sales targets.
  • Monitor and analyse individual and team sales performance.
Sage 200 Power BI sales analysis



Stock Management

A vital dashboard that provides you with a real-time overview of your stock-related activities.

  • Enables you to monitor key metrics such as current stock levels, product turnover rates and order fulfillment status.

  • Highlight inventory trends, identify slow-moving or high-demand items and predict potential stockouts.

  • Track supplier performance and create inventory management processes to optimise your inventory levels.

Sage 200 Power BI Stock Management



Purchase Analysis

An invaluable dashboard that helps you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your purchase activities.

  • Offers insights into expenditure patterns, supplier performance and inventory management.
  • Allows you to mitigate risks and make better informed decisions. 
  • Drill down for more detail to focus on opportunities within your supply chain.
purchase analysis



Creditor Analysis

Helps you to better understand who you owe money to and how you can improve your supply chain flow.

  • Visual analysis of overdue payments and trends. 

  • Prioritise payments and improve cash flow forecasting. 

  • Monitor your credit status to proactively address potential issues and minimise losses.
Sage 200 Power BI Creditor analysis



Debtor Analysis

A centralised dashboard that provides you with an overview of who owes you money. 

  • Provides real-time insights and total visibility of financial data including outstanding balances, overdue invoices and payment schedules so you can manage your cashflow more effectively.
  • Ability to focus on effective budgeting and repayment strategies to make better informed decisions.

  • Spot customer trends before they become a problem.

Sage 200 Power BI Debtor analysis

Benefits of Sage 200 Power BI from CPiO

Easy to understand data visualisation

Easy to understand data visualisation

No more deciphering spreadsheets and data look up. Drill down from top to bottom for dynamic reporting.

magnifying glass with chart

Make Sage 200 data available to all

Open up data insights to every team. No need to wait for heavy reports to be delivered to users.


cog with a piece pulled out

Financial management

Interrogate and analyse your KPIs effortlessly to improve your financial position and make better informed decisions. 

cog turning with arrows

Analyse real-time data

Build data confidence with a view into business-critical Sage 200 data in one place, in real time with data updated a minimum of 8 times per day.

magnifying over a datasheet

Simple to install, easy to adopt

Pre-built dashboards for plug and play access gets your users up and running in hours. Easy navigation and drill down builds user confidence fast.

cog proccess bars

Flexible per user model

Clear per user, per month pricing with no hidden extras for easy budgeting.


What does it cost?  

CPiO has a specialist Power BI team available to discuss your requirements.  

The cost is a 12 month contract, which is based on a named user, per month. It is £23.80 including the Power BI license.  

Should you already have the Power BI license the cost is just £15 per user, per month.

Power BI cost image

What's next?  

Customised reporting can be added to your package for further cost per user, per month. Our CPiO specialists can work with you to create bespoke reports and dashboards directly for your business.

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