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Sage Intacct Integration: the benefits of tailored financial management software

Sage Intacct Integration: the benefits of tailored financial management software

In today’s hyper-connected world, when an organisation invests in a new business system or application, a key requirement is connectivity and collaboration. 

Stand-alone software is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The shift towards cloud-based solutions and SaaS models presents far greater flexibility, scalability and connectivity. 

Implementing a modern finance solution to automate processes is certainly proven to enhance business efficiency. However, a disconnected software application will always struggle to stay on track with other siloed applications. 

An integrated software suite can optimise processes, drives efficiency and enables business-wide collaboration. 

Sage Intacct is a best-in-class financial management solution. It has been built from the ground up to integrate with other leading applications, providing individual organisations with the flexibility to choose the best options for their unique requirements. 


The benefits of finance software integration 

Seamlessly connecting a finance application, such as Sage Intacct with other business critical programs is highly beneficial to both individuals and the organisation, as a whole.  

Improved forecasting and planning 

Real-time data synchronisation ensures reports are always accurate, containing up to the minute information to help facilitate improved planning and decision making. With data automatically pulled through from other integrated applications, there is always a single version of the truth. 

Safe, seamless data flow 

Secure connectivity to other systems allows data to be imported and accessed effortlessly. Automation between integrated applications eliminates the requirement to export data and upload manually elsewhere – data remains secure and protected within the software system.  

Improved accuracy and reduction of errors 

Automating data processing reduces, if not eliminates, the errors that are often made with manual handling. With a central database, accessed by multiple applications, wasting time working across multiple databases is no longer an issue. 

Greater efficiency 

Platform integrations and automation reduce manual tasks, saving individuals time and allowing organisations to be more efficient without increasing headcount. 

Better collaboration 

Team members working across the same integrated platforms can all see the complete business landscape without swapping between individual applications.  


There’s something for everyone 

 The Sage Intacct integration capabilities are outstanding, with a vast selection of popular third-party applications available. By seamlessly integrating industry specific programs, organisations are now, more than ever, able to create a tailored business solution. 

 Over 75% of Sage Intacct customers have integrated two or more solutions to customise  the software to their unique business needs. 

The Sage Intacct Marketplace lists pre-built solutions from more than 350 accounting software integration partners, in areas including: 

sage intacct marketplace (1)


Your business, your way 

 You want the best for your business and you want to run it your own way. At CPiO, we support organisations in doing precisely that. 

 If you are looking to strengthen your business with best-in-class accounting software integrations, we can help. Whether you have Sage Intacct in place and are exploring integration options, or you’re looking for a new, integrated financial management system to support your business, contact us today. A Sage Intacct integration expert is ready to talk to you. 


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