CPiO Success: Leader Chuck International


Leader Chuck International selects the best CRM tool for its business

Based in Tamworth and Co. Dublin, Leader Chuck International is now a globally respected brand and enjoys an enviable reputation for the in-house design and production of Leader chucking, stationary clamping, gripping and workholding products. With more than 65 years’ experience, the renowned specialist offers its customers solutions for facilitating manufacturing productivity and efficiency gains.

As a small, independent business, Leader Chuck was using Sage 50 with Act! CRM.

Whilst Sage 50 still serves the business well, Act! was becoming dated and inflexible. Notably, the ceased compatibility and inability to seamlessly integrate Act! with Sage 50 was proving increasingly frustrating, problematic and costly.

“We hold a vast amount of information on our database and our small administration team was struggling to keep on top of data across separate systems. Workloads were amplified as duplication of data entry into each system was unavoidable. In short, using Act! with Sage 50 was becoming clunky”, explains Mark Jones, Managing Director at Leader Chuck International.

Mark continues, “Sage recommended CPiO and explained that as one of the leading Sage business partners in the UK, it would be well placed to assist us. During our initial conversation with CPiO we discussed our main drivers for change including improved maintenance of customer data, sales pipeline management, targeted marketing and Sage 50 integration.”

Sage CRM is an easy to use, feature rich CRM solution. By implementing Sage CRM and integrating it with Sage 50, Leader Chuck now has one version of the truth. It can market to the database with ease and segment the data within.

Mark concludes, “Through Sage CRM we are able to send weekly newsletters and market to specific geographical locations – we are sending around 20,000 emails per week. Quotes can also be generated from Sage CRM and converted to an order in Sage 50 without any re-keying of information.”

Having a CRM system that seamlessly integrates with Sage 50 will streamline Leader Chuck’s business processes and significantly improve productivity throughout the organisation.

Visit www.cpio.co.uk/solutions/crm-solutions for more information on Sage CRM or speak to a CRM consultant here at CPiO give us a call on 0344 880 6140.