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CRM Software

CRM software helps improve communication, productivity and customer connection within your business

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CRM Software

Improve your communication and productivity

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is designed to help businesses store details of customer data and interaction. It makes running a business far more streamlined and efficient. And CRM software provides easy, convenient access to business information, automating sales, marketing and customer support. Although CRM software is generally used to manage business-customer relationships, it can also be used in the same way to manage clients, business contacts, suppliers and to keep track of contract wins and sales leads. In fact, any stakeholder in your organisation can benefit from CRM – it’s about making each and every one of them feel like they have a one to one relationship with you.


Benefits of CRM software

Improved campaign targeting

You can focus your efforts on targeting the right contacts to find the right leads and achieving a lower cost per lead

Customer retention

Generate repeat business, cross sell and up sell your products

More focused prospect tracking

See what stage your prospects are at, gather information about product/sales performance and make better informed decisions

Business insight

Use valuable information gleaned about your existing customers to help find new ones

Generate reports

With up-to-date information, including revenue forecasting and trend analysis

CRM packages from CPiO

A longstanding Sage Business Partner, CPiO is proud to offer Sage CRM, it’s one of the most reliable CRM packages in the marketplace and it can be easily integrated with Sage ERP solutions, giving you a complete overview of customer activity across your business. Find out more:

CRM service provider

An experienced Sage CRM service provider, CPiO works with many clients seeking to drive superior customer service levels throughout their organisations. Not only can we advise you on how to go about starting a CRM project, but we can work with you to create a proposal, create milestones and define service levels in your business. We take the time to work with our clients to understand what good a customer experience looks and feels like.


CRM support

We started out as a support organisation for Tetra, now Sage, so service and aftercare is in our DNA. From account managers to hotline support, we offer our customers an award-winning support package. In addition to Sage CRM support, we support Sage ERP and any third-party solutions it may link to, as well as technical infrastructure, including cloud-based deployments.


Preparing for a new CRM implementation?

If you’re looking for advice on how to start your CRM project, one of our experienced Sage CRM consultants can help define your requirements and create a scoping document. Get in touch today.

I work from home using Sage CRM and I have exactly the same system as the girls in the office. If ever I have a technical issue, I can call CPiO straight away and they’ll sort it out.
Joy Adams
Sales Manager, The Industrial Maintenance Group
Monitor Sage CRM
Customer Testimonial
Henry Hopkins from Accelerator

“CPiO showed a willingness to be flexible. The company’s ability to understand our business, combined with great Sage expertise and a recognition that Sage CRM can support more than sales and marketing activities led us to not only adopt Sage CRM from CPiO but also migrate our existing server solution to CPiO Cloud Services.”

Henry Hopkins
Director, Accelerator

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