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RSPCA choose Sage X3 with CPiO to run back office functions

Newcastle, UK, May 22, 2017 – Sage, a market leader in cloud accounting software, today announced that Europe’s leading animal welfare charity has signed a deal to implement Sage X3 business management system into its operation to help make the most of the donations it receives.

Why RSPCA chose Sage X3

After running a competitive procurement process, the RSPCA, based in Horsham, West Sussex, selected CPiO a Sage Business Partner to help them procure and implement an end to end finance and business management solution to run key back office finance functions.

Sage X3 helps businesses deliver a more commercially efficient operation with better finance, procurement and business intelligence capability by giving greater access to and control over information to deliver better more informed reporting.

Supporting the RSPCA’s business strategy, Sage X3 will help in two key ways according to Michael Ward, Chief Operating Officer, RSPCA: “This system will help us prioritise animal support by allowing total control over the spend of donations and the ability to trace and analyse each individual donation through our system.”

“It will also support the process of gaining greater clarity and leverage of information as the system will enable our finance teams to be more responsive to requests for data and enabling the financials to be available to multiple areas of the charity at any time.”

The charity has a range of internal stakeholders, from inspectors on the road to vets in hospitals, as well as office based fundraising and support staff, so it was crucial the system adopted was agile enough to allow them to manage a variety of needs.

Michael Ward said: “Sage X3 allows greater collaboration between departments. The increased level of consolidation of all our information means we can operate as effectively and efficiently as possible, while cutting down the amount of time we spend cross checking information.”

Partnering for business

Andrew Watkinson, Managing Director, CPiO: “We have worked with RSPCA for several years now and the benefit of this experience means we understand the organisation’s goals, the objectives for the end system, and the associated challenges – providing a solution that is based on adding real value. Our role was to challenge some of the long-established methods employed in RSPCA and demonstrate what modern business management software can do.”

Why cloud?

The ability of Sage X3 to operate in CPiO cloud rather than solely on-premise, gives the RSPCA greater flexibility and mobility in its operations, helping employees to access key company data anytime and anywhere, crucial for an organisation that operates on a national-basis.

What’s more, the cloud-based management solution meant the charity didn’t have to heavily invest in IT infrastructure: “You can’t under estimate how important the cloud is to the effective running of our business,” said Michael Ward, RSPCA. “We would rather invest the donations we receive into activities that support our animals, rather than the additional technical costs associated with running an on-site system .Being able to rely on external experts to support the smooth running of the system is invaluable for our charity.”

By using the Sage X3 business management system, the organisation is helping to future-proof its processes, ensuring that the technology it used today, and is agile enough to adapt to the changing needs of the business tomorrow.

David Watts, VP Enterprise UK, Sage, said: “The agility of Sage X3 benefits lots of our customers. For the RSPCA, it allows them to be responsive to the needs of its remote key stakeholders, while the functionality allows the charity to maximise decision-making but minimise overhead costs, helping them to operate as efficiently as possible, while future-proofing its business”.


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