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Introducing Sage 200 Power BI

Introducing Sage 200 Power BI

If you are looking to advance your reporting capabilities, then look no further. The expert team at CPiO has created five dynamic and personalised reports, tailored exclusively for Sage 200 Professional customers. These dashboards will help you analyse and interpret your Sage 200 data in a visual format. Access to timely, accurate, real time data will enable you to provide valuable intelligence on spend patterns and uncover critical business insights.

The Sage 200 Power BI reporting pack includes dashboards across Finance, Commercials and Stock. The dashboards available are;

  • Sales Analysis: Identify key trends in your product set to drive improvement.
  • Stock Management: View critical stock metrics for accurate forecasting and planning.
  • Purchase Analysis: Ensure business purchases are being controlled and managed with optimal efficiency.
  • Creditor Analysis: Better understand who you owe money to so you can improve your supply chain flow.
  • Debtor Analysis: Identify and better understand who owes you money. 

What are the benefits of Sage 200 Power BI?

As well as being simple to set up and use, your Sage 200 users can quickly spot trends and drill into finer detail. 

It offers seamless Excel integration, where you can access the reports from any device and share your findings with others in your company. With our plug in approach, we can get your business set up and running in hours not days. There is also no programming or Power BI skills needed, it's just a simple tool to use by everyone in your company. It's cost-effective too, as we offer flexible monthly pricing based on the number of users. 

Who is Sage 200 Power BI for?

Leadership teams, financial managers and finance users, will be looking to take advantage of analysing their purchases to develop and create budget plans, forecasts and product strategies to take action to improve profitability.

Sales teams will also be able to develop new products or go-to-market strategies with this strategic reporting tool. All job functions will transform the way they interact with their data and have the benefit of being able to quickly spot trends and use the dashboards for scenario planning, as well as seek to minimise endless reports and Excel spreadsheets. It is easy to use and navigate for every team member. 

These five dashboards allow you to identify and scrutinise critical business data from leadership KPIs, cash flow analysis to supplier
performance and spend forecasts.

What about customisation?

The good news is Sage 200 Power BI can be adapted to meet the data needs of every user in your organisation. This powerful reporting dashboard pack can also be expanded to include other, non-Sage data, providing you with a very powerful data visualisation tool. CPiO's BI specialists can work with you to scope out your requirements and create a bespoke suite of dashboards that puts you in the data driving seat.

What is the cost of Sage 200 Power BI?

The cost is based on a 12-month contract and is £23.80 per user, per month including the Power BI license. Should you already have the Power BI license, the cost is just £15 per user, per month.

Ready to see Sage 200 Power BI in action? 

CPiO has a specialist Power BI team available to discuss your requirements, so if you're eager to explore this new tool, you can watch the Sage 200 Power BI overview video here.

For more information please view our datasheet and visit our dedicated Power BI page where you can find out more. If you have further questions and are ready for a full demo, please get in touch.  




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