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What’s new in Sage X3: 2023 R2 version 12?

What’s new in Sage X3: 2023 R2 version 12?

Sage recently released the much anticipated update of the year for Sage X3 2023 R2 version update. In this latest release we see a host of exciting new features and enhancements that include; the first phase of an improved user Interface to support faster navigation, improved performance, and better readability.

For customers striving for operational excellence, Sage X3 has delivered new Mobile Automation features as well as updates to Finance and Compliance. Here’s a review of some of our Sage X3 V12 highlights.


Exploring Sage X3 2023: V12 R2 release


Mobile Automation for Distribution

Transfers and miscellaneous issues improved: You can select stock lines to issue or to transfer for example stock lines in the miscellaneous issue, subcontract transfer, and inter-site transfer transactions. All the required information from the stock line is automatically retrieved and populated at once.

New and improved stock change: You can now select by identifier to quickly filter the stock lines for the stock change movement, in addition to scanning composite codes to enter product data in the Stock change transaction.

Inter-site order receipts: New capabilities to access Inter-site receipt transactions from the Receipt menu. You can use this transaction to receive inter-site purchase orders quickly and easily.

Purchase receipts: Shipment numbers and packings slips can now be linked to the purchase receipt transaction. You can specify the shipment number when the purchase order line is shipped with several purchase shipments. You can also enter or scan the supplier packing slip. It is automatically populated on the purchase receipt document, which helps you perform any research or tracking.


Mobile Automation for Manufacturing

Work order production tracking: Now displays the default location for the product-site, helping to assist the shop floor worker.

Filter components to be tracked: Ability to filter a list of components to be tracked for a work order on withdrawal mode.

Product image display: You can now view product images in work order production tracking and material consumption.



Increased Employee ID field length: The Employee ID length has increased from 4 digits to 6 digits. All transactions, screens, and tables that use the Employee ID have been updated.


New Sage Procession

Procession Sodium is the first major release since Neon in 2019, and contains a series of product enhancements and fixes that address critical functions including:

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Enhancements: Further improved automation of hazard classification, that includes 13 new calculations, and improved SDS translations. 15 additional language translations have been added to allow for printing of SDS and GHS (Globally Harmonised System) labels in different languages.

Quality Control: You now have the ability to make production batch adjustments and readily communicate changes between company departments. Quality Control users can make changes to production and track through the work order process. Manufacturing users are notified of changes and can adopt to standard operating procedures.

Formulation: Access to additional calculations functionality, with greater ability to compare calculations and specifications.


Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI)

Web client aggregated data: You can now easily customise your data summaries without causing any disruptions to the backend Data Model Designer. Tailor the presentation of aggregated data to suit your preferences by choosing from a variety of aggregate functions such as Average, Minimum, Maximum, and Count distinct, providing you with a more personalised and insightful analysis of your data.

Web Workbook: Access worksheets directly within SEI. The Web Workbook now brings you the power of Excel Add-ins (let’s face it finance love to work in Excel). You can now access and view your workbooks on any device without opening a second application. You can also view your workbooks from your mobile phone and Mac computer, which you can’t do with the Excel Add-In.


Sage X3 SEI Sales Dashboard

Web Workbook next level drill down: You can now dig into the details of any cell that contains a NECFormula. With the drill-down wizard, you can;

  • Create new drill-down profiles
  • Set a default drill-down profile
  • Show or hide a “Total” row
  • Group fields to summarise your results or ungroup them to view all detail
  • Sort the contents of fields using “Order By”
  • Change the aggregation for dimensions and measures.

Web Workbook formatting features: A host of new formatting features have been released to help with customising the look of your worksheet. You can now create different dropdowns with the click of a button, and no formulas or reference lists are required.

Distribution - Customise shared reports: To improve readability when saving or sharing individual reports sent by the scheduler, there is now functionality to customise the name of saved or shared files.

For a full description of all the new features and enhancements delivered with this release you can visit the what’s new section of the Sage X3 Online help center.

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