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What's new in Sage X3 2024 R1?

What's new in Sage X3 2024 R1?

Sage has released the Sage X3 2024 R1version update. In this release, Sage has introduced the Sage X3 Builder, increased navigation and extended capabilities for mobile automation and improved data accuracy through data clean and control. Here are some of the new Sage X3 R1features. 

Introducing Sage X3 Builder

Sage has created an innovation development platform that empowers customers to enhance their Sage X3 experience. Sage X3 Builder has been designed to enable seamless customisation and extension of Sage X3 features, as well as its integration with external applications and services.

It takes advantage of a powerful native GraphQL integration platform, which can be seamlessly explored without prior Sage X3 specific knowledge, and VS Code IDE, the next evolution of the X3 SAFE platform.

Edit: Customise standard processes and features. 

Build: Develop new web and mobile apps.

Connect: Integrate Sage X3 with third-party services and apps.

Test: Automate testing and ensure consistent quality. 

Other Sage X3 R1 highlights:

Mobile Automation

Increased navigation and extended capabilities
• EAN code for search for the product on “Put away” and “Location Reorder”
• Use a ZPL printer to print stock and product labels

Customisable and easier to use
• Now based on Sage X3 Builder
• Add fields or actions to pages, hide fields, insert custom pages, or create custom functions


Security and capability extension
• New tools for password management
• Sage X3 Builder testing: the ability to test GraphQL queries and mutations


Operate globally with confidence
• Supporting the latest VAT requirements in Austria, Germany and Switzerland
• FR: DAS2 extraction updates
• ES: Tax forms update, TicketBAI, and antifraud law improvements
• PT: Update of asset reevaluation inflation rates (Portugal)
• EU commodity code updates


Creation of e-invoicing
• Foundation is in place to meet the needs of E-Invoicing requirements including managing both inbound/supplier and outbound/customer e-invoices

Data Clean & Control

Guarantee master data accuracy
• Bulk check existing records and amend them as needed


Enhancing the support experience and bettering customer insights
• Modernised support platform: new online help
• Integration with external solutions, to support user insights and data collection

Web Scheduling

Seamless integration and expanded feature scope


For a full description of all the new features and enhancements delivered with this release, you can visit the section of the Sage X3 Online Help Centre

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