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Business Intelligence Software

BI software puts data at the heart of your decision making

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Increase business efficiency with BI Software

There’s been a significant shift in focus in recent years, from IT led reporting to business led, self-service analytics. Business Intelligence software is much more about collecting data for analysis and presenting the information in an easy to understand, visual format.

Today’s Business Intelligence systems tackle finance, sales, production and many other sources of business data, including business performance management, where predictive operational views can help formulate important business decisions. Whilst stand-alone BI applications still offer an incredible insight when comparing multiple data streams, there’s an expectation for the tools to be embedded into the enterprise application that we use day in, day out.

Business intelligence

Benefits of Business Intelligence software

Improves user experience

Data is accessible and easily organised.

Increases business efficiency

Spend less time gathering data and more time on focussing on business strategy.

Enables data driven business decisions

Accurate data and faster reporting capability enables better decision making.

Empowers employees

Departments become self-sufficient with personalised dashboards providing departmental insights.

Provides faster analysis

Gather and analyse data from multiple sources.

Strengthens competitive advantage

Monitor seasonal fluctuations, analyse inefficiencies and anticipate customer needs.

Business Intelligence applications from CPiO

CPiO works with some of the leading enterprise software experts and understands the power of data to an organisation. Sage X3 and Sage 200 both offer exciting Business Intelligence capability as a standard feature within the product. Sage also offers an enhanced Business Intelligence capability in Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

If you’re a Sage 200 user, CPiO partners with Panintelligence to deliver additional reporting capabilities. Furthermore, CPiO offers advice consultancy, training and support on QlikView and Qlik Sense. Qlik, a longstanding partner of CPiO is a pioneer in the visual analytics market place.

Contact one of our solutions consultants and we’d be pleased to show a demonstration of our BI solutions.

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Business Intelligence

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