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Take back control of how you sell

Taking orders from your customers by traditional methods such as email, phone, fax or face to face can be time consuming, costly and not always accurate. Your sales team can spend a good proportion of their time answering queries about stock availability and pricing.

With the inclusion of an eCommerce service via an online store in your commercial strategy, you can take back control of how you sell, you can redeploy expensive sales people to concentrate on generating new opportunities and extend the reach of your products beyond office hours.


Benefits of eCommerce software at a glance

Increase sales

Make ordering accessible 24/7 and drive more sales.

Fewer mistakes

Limit the number of mistakes in the ordering process and order fulfilment.

Easy ordering

By streamlining your customer interactions you make the process of ordering more efficient.

Empowered customers

Access to invoices, order history, shipping and tracking details make your customers more self-sufficient.

Access to live stock counts

Your sales team and customers always know what’s in stock and available to purchase.

Intellisell is eCommerce for Sage

There are many eCommerce providers in the marketplace that claim to offer Sage integrated eCommerce apps, but on close inspection you find that they offer tools to integrate eCommerce with your Sage solution. Intellisell is a hosted eCommerce solution that seamlessly integrates with Sage X3, Sage 200 and Sage 1000; it’s reliable, secure and displays products and unique pricing structures directly from your Sage solution to your customers.

Read more about Intellisell eCommerce for Sage

Trusted Sage eCommerce provider

If you’re looking for an eCommerce partner that knows Sage, CPiO has the pedigree; we’ve been developing our Intellisell eCommerce solution since 2005, we know eCommerce and we know Sage.

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Let us help you create a website that people want to buy from, time and time again.”
Lindsey Taylor
Intellisell eCommerce Consultant

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