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Enhance your eCommerce customer experience

Enhance your eCommerce customer experience

Knowing how to enhance your eCommerce customer experience (CX) is to move beyond traditional approaches and towards the ‘business experience’ (BX).  

According to Accenture, 80% of CEOs recognise the need to deeply reimagine how they engage with and treat their customers in a post-pandemic world. Given the changes to customer expectations, supply chains, and ways of working, businesses need to achieve differentiation in an increasingly commoditised world. 

There are two key components of optimal customer experience. Firstly, truly efficient, intelligence-driven business processes. Secondly, excellent customer communication. 

Reach out to your customers 

Businesses that support direct communication with their customers can rapidly address any concerns. Whether through Live Chat with the sales and customer services team via the website or telephone support, customer-facing staff need access to the latest, accurate information. This includes product news, customer history and shipment status.  

 Such applications often have a per-user license cost, which deters many businesses from providing everyone with access to this vital resource. A dedicated, cloud-based eCommerce website integrated with ERP data is a far more cost-effective option. Fully scalable, the business can rapidly expand access to data on demand.  

 A fast, efficient response is the key to achieving those vital 5* reviews that increasingly inform buying decisions for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) customers. 

 Businesses need to think seriously about where customers engage and when. What does that experience look like? Check the quality of interaction at every step. 

Transform the customer experience 

The quality of the a customers experience touches every part of the business. Companies need to achieve perfection at every step, and this includes seamless operations. From the first Social ‘follow’ to the customer’s front door via super slick fulfilment and beyond.  

 Automated, efficient processes are at the heart of a great customer experience. Customers need certainty in an uncertain world, and any business failing to provide trusted information online will rapidly lose credibility. Accurate, up-to-date stock information on the website or online store is a necessity for browsing customers.  

Many businesses look for Order Management Systems to create ‘a new customer’, process the order, link with stock, and automate shipping models. However, many companies already have these solutions in place. The existing ERP software is the foundation for effective eCommerce, delivering the data required for simplified management at every stage. 

 An eCommerce website that is integrated with ERP software will automatically provide up-to-date stock information. In addition, combined with information from courier systems, this can also provide a range of delivery options for customers. Checkout processes should be seamless and followed by an instant notification of the order confirmation. 

Make customers’ lives easier with repeat ordering

Being able to automatically populate the shopping basket with frequently ordered products each week or month is a great option for customers. This generates a regular, repeating revenue stream for the eCommerce business. The purchase process is simple; customers can quickly confirm and/or change quantities. And also, give customers the option to spread payments through regular monthly contributions, which can work well for annual product service costs. 

It’s all about improving the customer experience while generating more regular, guaranteed monthly income. This approach can resonate powerfully with B2B as well as Direct to Consumer D2C markets. 

 According to Bold Commerce’s Subscription Trends 2021, over 70% of D2C brands have integrated subscriptions into their eCommerce strategies. View the full eBook to find out more.

Intellisell can help you enhance your eCommerce customer experience, through faster, repeat ordering processes and full integration with your ERP system. 

Find out more about the features and benefits of Intellisell here. If you would like to discover more about CPiO Support for your eCommerce business, you can find information  here. 


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